Shiloh Lodge #327
A.F. & A.M.

Committed to offering opportunities for deep friendships,
building individual character and helping our fellow man and country.

How to Join

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To join a lodge of Freemasons, there are a few prerequisites.

Belief in a Supreme Being
To become a Mason, the candidate must believe in a Supreme Being. This does not mean he must be Christian, though. Masons are of various beliefs and religions.

The candidate must be at least 18 years old at the time of his signing of the petition and must be of sound mind.

The candidate must have resided continuously within the jurisdiction of the state to which he petitions for the six months immediately preceding and at the time his petition is received by the Lodge. A member of the military does not lose his residence while in service.

The candidate's occupation may be a guide to his character. One engaged in an unsavory or unlawful occupation certainly would not be good material for Masonry.

Prior Petition
If the candidate has previously petitioned this Lodge, there is a six month waiting period before he can petition the same Lodge again. If the candidate has petitioned another Lodge, that Lodge has jurisdiction over the candidate for three years.

Free Will and Accord
The candidate must apply of his own free will. This is fundamentally important as it benefits both the man and the Craft.

Financial Ability and Special Benefits
The candidate should have financial potential and ability to pay his fees and dues. He must understand that he will not receive personal advancement, either financial or otherwise, from his membership and that the Lodge is not an insurance, burial or relief society for him or his family. He should also understand that his acceptance is entirely up to the Lodge by unanimous secret ballot and there is no obligation to accept him or give any reason for non-acceptance.

Conviction of Felony or Misdemeanor
A conviction for a felony or misdemeanor does not automatically disqualify a candidate for membership. However, the severity of the charges will be taken into consideration. Omitting past convictions either on the petition or during the interview process will also be taken into consideration.

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